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The trombone is a larger sized band instruments, easy to carry around, however may be difficult to setup and hold.  Trombones also require a good amount of air and a strong embouchure (or lip strength) to play. Most students find it easy to make sound on the trombone at first. Consider how well you are at forming your embouchure and how well you are able to control your air flow if you choose to play this instrument.



All about the Trombone

Trombone Basics

How to put the Trombone together

How hold the Trombone

Clean and Care your Trombone

How to make a sound.

There are many videos that demonstrate soaking your slide in the bathtub or shower.  In reality this only needs to be done once in a while. (Maybe once a year) The way to maintain your instrument is to regularly clear out your spit valve and regularly apply slide cream and/or oil and use water spray bottle on the slide.

Lesson Videos

Slide Positions and how to move the slide

First Note (page 5 in your band Book)

Still Under Construction

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