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Life has Rules - - Play Fair





Please Return this form signed ASAP




Classroom Rule


              Always do What's Best for the Team!


For example:

  1. Follow all directions the FIRST time and ALWAYS adhere to Classroom Procedures.

  2. Respect EVERY one and thing. If it is not yours then don’t touch it.

  3. Respect Class Time.  (Be Engaged with the Lesson and Don’t Talk to your neighbor)

  4. Keep hands, feet, equipment and negative or hurtful comments to yourself.

  5. ONLY WATER is allowed in the music room.  Any other food items must be stored in your backpack or thrown away BEFORE you step into the room!


Philosophy of Life

  1. Leave everything a little better than you found it.  (Especially the Music Room)

  2. Have a mature attitude. (No matter what your age)

  3. Be flexible. (Compromise is the key to getting along with others.)

  4. Broaden your horizons.  (See things from another point of view)

  5. Practice, practice, practice. (If at first you don’t succeed – try, try again!)

  6. Always do your best!


Consequences (In Class) (School policies always have precedence)

  1. Verbal warning

  2. Removal from activity and loss of participation points for the week

  3. Blue Form Detention/Administrative Referral


Further Uncooperative Behavior will result in contacting a parent, a conference and further administrative action if needed.


All music students are expected to behave appropriately.  Your actions affect not only you but the rest of the class whether it’s good or bad.  Because this is an elective class and not a required course, students who repeatedly demonstrate the unwillingness to behave appropriately may be transferred out of the class at the teacher’s discretion.


** We read and understand the rules **


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