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We are beginning our Poinsettia Fundraiser!  This is a fantastic opportunity to give back

to the community and help raise some money.  We will be selling 6” Red poinsettias but

will be delivering them with our students playing holiday carols known as a “poinsettia-gram”. 


There are 2 types of orders, poinsettia only ($10) and the “poinsettia-gram” ($15). 

The student profit amount for this fundraiser will be $4 for each Poinsettia Only sales and $9 for each Poinsettia-gram sales.


Poinsettia Only orders will be picked up and delivered to the customer by you anytime from Dec 14 until our Holiday concert on Dec. 19th


The Poinsettia-gram orders will be delivered by a student group on Friday, Dec. 14th.


ALL ORDERS ARE DUE Monday, Dec. 3rd,  NO LATER!!!! 

I cannot accept any after this date!


Please return all order sheets and 1 summary sheet with the included envelope.  More can be printed using the form link below or see Mr. Kirby in Class.


We will be looking for 5 - 6 parents (Depending on how many poinsettia grams we have) who can help deliver poinsettias with a small group of 2 to six students on December 14th (This may take more than one driver for each group delivering so we need as many drivers as possible.  I also would like to try and complete all deliveries on Friday.


We also need student volunteers to play Band Carols for deliveries.  Your parents do not have to drive in order to participate but you will need to be picked up at School once we are done and will need to fill out a permission/waiver slip.


Please return the volunteer form if you can help and ALL INFORMATION asap.

Thanks and you will find that this is a very worthwhile fundraiser!


Mr. Kirby

(619) 847 - 1592


Poinsettia Fundraiser

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