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Parent Volunteer Page

I would like to say ahead of time that your help with Paulding Band is very much appreciate and it helps us to be a GREAT program!  Please read through this page to see how you can help and to communicate information with Mr. Kirby and other volunteers.  Click on the links to sign up for the various events and fundraisers.

List of Volunteer Duties

Band BBQ Fundraiser
End of Year Banquet

Parades and Parade Practices

Parade and Parade Practices

We will participate in 5 community parades in the fall with the possibility of more.  You can ...

  • Help coach students instrumental or marching during our Saturday Practices, 8/24 and 9/14

  • Help distribute and fit uniforms during the Saturday Practices. (3 - 4 Volunteers needed)

  • Help with uniform repair and adjustment, if any.  (1 - 2 volunteers needed)

  • Help with parade lineup before the parade begins (Adjusting uniforms, helping with attendance, corralling band members etc. 2 - 3 Volunteers needed)

  • Parade Route Assistants: Help pull the Emergency cart along the parade route and assist students in case of an emergency (1 - 2 volunteers)

  • Help disburse students at the end of parades by checking off students.


The following is list of Parades so far this year.

Harvest Festival, Sept. 28

Colony Days Parade and PHOTOS, Oct. 19

Pismo Beach Band Review, Nov. 2

Arroyo Grande Holiday Parade, Nov. 24 (SUNDAY after Thanksgiving)

Grover Beach Holiday Parade, Dec. 7



Parade Volunteer
Harvest Festival Volunteer

Harvest Festival and Discount Card Fundraiser

The Harvest Festival and Discount Card Fundraiser are one of our 2 biggest events of the year.  The group marches in the parade on Saturday Sept. 28 but we also run a booth to help promote and sell our discount card.  We need lots of help to get these events going.  Please look at the list below to see how you can help.

  • Volunteer (Both Parent and Student) for a booth time (about 2 hours) at the Harvest Festival on Sept. 27 and 28. (at least 10 - 12 Volunteers needed)

  • Help canvass old and new businesses for the Discount Card:  Visit business to ask or verify participation in this year's fundraiser (as many volunteers as we can get :-)

  • Help with Fundraising administration: Collecting money, data input etc.  Will require availability during the school day, about 3 - 4 select days


Harvest Festival Booth Information

We will be running a booth at the harvest festival to sell our discount cards and raffle some items.  All proceeds earned at the booth will go towards funds for the band.

Please signup for a time at the booth here: 


At the booth we will be selling raffle tickets for various gift baskets.  We need help acquiring items and donations for the gift baskets.  Some ideas for the gift basket are a Movie Night Basket, A spa or wellness basket, a Wine tasting basket, a Sports basket, a Date night basket, etc. 


I will also be posting a list of items that you can bring in for each basket.

For the time being please signup here if you can bring in a donation for one of the baskets.  Please bring all items to the band room by Friday, 9/15.



Discount Cards
Discount Card Business Solicitation

We need volunteers to help canvass old businesses and new businesses to find out their interest in participating in our card fundraiser.  This is an easy fundraiser that makes a lot of money.

Please download the letter pertaining to the type of business(es) that you would like to solicit, either continuing (already on the card or new)  we try to place priority on continuing businesses



Please take the following letters to the businesses to ask for their support and participation.  One letter is for continuing businesses and the other letter is for new businesses.  I also recommend that you take the letter requesting to donate a single item for our Harvest Festival gift baskets such as gift certificates.  Many vendors shy away from offering discounts but may be happy to donate an item.


As you hear back from Businesses please help keep the Google Spreadsheet up to date so that others know who they should contact.

The Google Work sheet is here:


Concerts and Special Performances

For performances at school I usually don't need help but definitely for travel performances.

  • Chaperone for one of our travel performances: May be in charge of a small group, help maintain order and attendance, etc. (5 - 6 volunteers needed depending on how many students attend)

  • May need help for South County Band Festival (7th Graders) collecting money at the door.  (1 - 2 volunteers needed)


The following is list of Concerts so far this year.

AGHS Middle School Band Night (AGHS Football Game)  - Oct. 25

Winter Concert, December 18 6:30pm at Paulding

Disneyland, Nov. 09

District Pre-Festival Concert, March 4? (Usually around the 2nd week of March)

SLO County Band Festival, March 12? at Cuesta College (Usually around the 3rd week of March)

Open House Concert, April 16  6pm at Paulding

South County Band Festival, March 25. 

May Magic Mountain or other Spring Fun Festival, May 2

Elementary Concert at Paulding, May 20, 6:30pm

End of the Year Banquet, Awards and Concert, AG Bandstand, May 29, 5pm



Poinsettia and Poinsettia-gram Fundraiser

During November and December we sell

  • Volunteer (Both Parent and Student) on Friday, Dec. 13, driving students (parents 4 - 6 volunteers, will need to submit copy of insurance and driver ID to be registered with the district) and students playing holiday tunes for customers.  (at least 10 - 12 Parent and Student Volunteers needed)

  • Pick up 15 - 20 boxes of Poinsettias on Tuesday, Dec. 10

  • Help organize the poinsettias for delivery and pickup on Tuesday, Dec. 10

  • Help with Fundraising administration: Collecting money, data input etc.  Will require availability during the school da, about 3 - 4 select days

Band 0-licious BBQ fundraiser

On April 4, 2020 the band will hold it’s annual BBQ fundraiser with the help of the Masons at the Masonic Lodge on 112 Poole Street.  We need both Parent and Student Volunteers to sign up to help setup, serve and breakdown the BBQ from 10am – 2pm.  There will be two 2 hour shifts.  We need 3 – 4 families per shift.

End of the Year Concert, Awards and Potluck Banquet

On May 29, 2020 the end of the year concert is performed along with a Potluck dinner.  Parents and students will be asked to sign-up to bring food and supplies for the dinner.  The concert will follow the Dinner.  We also need 4 – 5 parents to help drive equipment down to the AG Bandstand from Paulding.


Please Sign-up for the various events by using the following link:

Check the list here to see what people are already doing

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