So you want to Band!

Welcome to a fun and exciting year.  Please read through the following information which was handed out at your school during a special Band Presentation given by Mr. Kirby.

So How Do I Join?

Band will be fun and exciting but also will take a lot of hardwork, practice and dedication.  If that is you then do the following steps:


  1. Grab the informational sheet Mr. Kirby passed out to your class when he came around to all of the schools the 1st Full week of school.  Read through the information in the packet.  Register for the class at the link below and complete the signature page.  Turn it in at the Instrumental Rental Night or Turn it in to your classroom teacher 1 week after it was distributed at your school.

  2. Go to the Instrument Rental Night at Judkins Middle School on Wednesday Sept. 13 from 6pm - 8pm.  You find out more information regarding band and information about acquiring a band instrument.  Or you can look up rentals online.

  3. Rent, buy or use an instrument that you already have that is on the list of instruments available to learn this year.

  4. Come to the first lesson WITH OR WITHOUT your instrument.  (IF you don't have your instrument yet DON"T WORRY! All students won't need to have it until Sept. 30.  BUT you can get it and bring anytime before that!


First Lesson Date

Harloe Elementary                              Monday, Aug. 28

Branch Elementary                             Tuesday, Aug. 29

Fairgrove Elementary                          Wednesday, Aug. 30

Oceanview Elementary                        Thursday, Aug. 31


You will get more information regarding the books and materials (Besides the instrument) you will need.

Instrument Demonstration

Register for Class HERE
Band Informational Handout



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