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So you want to Band!

Welcome to a fun and exciting year.  Please read through the following information.

So How Do I Join?

Band will be fun and exciting but also will take a lot of hardwork, practice and dedication.  If that is you then do the following steps:


Read through the information here in the document below.  Register for the class at the link below.

THIS YEAR MOST STUDENTS will NOT NEED to rent or buy their instrument to participate in the program.  Last year the district acquired a host of instruments such that based on enrollment in the past we will have enough instruments to provide all students with one, free of rental costs. The ONLY EXCEPTION is percussion.  Students will need to rent or buy a percussion kit in order to learn percussion. However, there still may be a smaller maintenance and /or supply cost to families.

*** NEW to this year's program: Instruments WILL NOT be sign out forstudents to take home right away. We will spend the first trimester + exploring the instruments in MORE detail. ALL students will learn about each of the instruments and the basics of how to play them.Instrument exploration will be conducted in a 3 week cycle based loosely on instrument familiesand similarities.Students then will be assigned instruments later in the year. Expect around December/January, depending on the school schedule. ***


Students should consider the following when signing up for this program

  • Classes will be once a week per the schedule below.Students will need to remember to bring their instruments and materials on that day!

  • Classes are during the regular school day, so the student may miss any activity and be responsible for any make-up work

  • The class will go for the entire year. Students need to be committed

  • Practice IS KEY!Students will need to commit to practice at least 10 minutes DAILY!

  • There will be 2 concerts during the year, Winter Concert on Dec. 16 and End of the Year on May 24.


Band Class meets during the regular school day at the student's school and according to the schedule below:

Harloe - Every Monday afternoon

Branch - Every Tuesday afternoon (6th Grade Class starts on Tuesday, Sept. 13)

Fairgrove - Every Wednesday afternoon

Ocean View - Every Thursday afternoon

String Class is offered at Paulding Middle School for all Schools, Every Monday from 7:35 – 8:10.  Personal Transportation is required for this class. Class starts on Monday, Sept. 26.

You will get more information regarding the books and materials (Besides the instrument) you will need.

Register for Class HERE
Mr. Kirby's Welcome Video

PLEASE NOTE: Band Classes will take place in person at the students' school.  The purpose of this video is for explanation about the instruments.

Not Sure what instrument you are interested in learning? 

Watch this video demonstration of each one.

Informational Meeting LINK click below

It is NOT necessary to attend the meeting in order to join band.  Meeting will be held via Zoom on Tuesday 9/6 from 6pm until approximately 6:30pm

You will not be able to get in until the meeting day.

Band Information Document
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