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Disneyland Information 2016

Basic Information


**All Students NEED to be at School around 4:00!! AM

(We leave right at 4:30 with OR without you!) **


 **Don’t get on the bus until your chaperone has taken attendance **

** Please bring a snack or food on the BUS, we are not planning to stop for food **


** Put Mr. Kirby’s Phone number (619) 847 – 1592 in your phone ahead of time**


** You must wear Paulding Band T-Shirt the entire day!  **


The Bus will NOT be staying at the Park.  Bring EVERYTHING you will need for the ENTIRE day, INCLUDING a Jacket for the evening time!!

Wear Comfortable Shoes.  We will be WALKING a LOT for the workshop!


** You MUST stay with YOUR group the entire day and visually check-in with your chaperone throughout the day according to the schedule **

We will taking a group photo after the workshop.  The cost to purchase this at the park is $9.95.  After it will be $16.95


** Bring $$ for meals and Souveniors.  $40 - $50 should be plenty **


** The weather is calling for the high 70s, low 80s**


 ** We are returning around 2:00ish AM **


Chaperones Please BE here by 3:50!! am




Student Rules/Regulations at Disneyland


Remember that you are representing our school and community during the entire time of this trip.  Not just the time when you are on stage.  Your personal behavior in public affects our entire group and is equally as important as the adjudicated part of the festival.  Mature behavior is the rule!


  • For the duration of the trip, make sure your chaperone always knows where you are. When you have Free time, You do not have to let your chaperone know every single ride that you are going, rather the general vicinity.  Students who are leaving with their families from Disneyland must check out with their chaperone AND Mr. Kirby.

  • Your Chaperone WILL need to stay with you for the first hour!

  • One person in your group MUST carry a working/charged cell phone at all times and return calls and/or texts within a reasonable amount of time.  PLEASE BE IN THE HABIT OF ALWAYS CHECKING YOUR PHONE.

  • You are required to meet (visually) your chaperone at the specific times indicated on the schedule and you are REQUIRED to attend the Workshop from 9:30am – 11:30am

  • You MUST stay with your group the entire time.  Group switching is generally not allowed, but may be approved by your chaperones AND Mr. Kirby!

  • Treat all chaperones and other adults with respect.  Any defiance or disrespect directed toward a chaperone or another adult will result in having to stay with Mr. Kirby or another adult at the Chaperone station for the rest of the time there.

  • You MUST wear your Paulding Band T-shirt (Green), ALL day at Disneyland.  School rules still apply regarding dress code, ie. Shorts.  However Hats will be allowed.

  • On the bus, remain seated.  No switching seats.  Stay out of the aisle, which must remain clear at all times.  No instruments, bags, legs or other body parts allowed in the aisle.  If a chaperone or the bus driver asks you to switch seats, comply graciously.  Don’t argue.

  • On the bus, talk in soft voices, keep your feet off the seats in front of you. Yelling, group singing or tossing things across the aisles to other students, and flash pictures are not appropriate for the bus and will distract the driver.  Don’t leave trash on the bus!

  • You may use electronic devices on the bus but not at the festival site.  Once we step off the bus all devices must be put away!

  • No One is to be on his or her own.  Always stick with at least 2 people. Even when you use the restroom. 2 people should always go.  If there are only 3 in the group then all 3 should go.  Don’t leave anyone alone!  Always make sure that your chaperone knows where you are and WHO you are with. You must report visually to your chaperone at the required times. (Did I say this already?)

  • Stay out of restricted or off-limits areas at the festival site and at Disneyland.  Climbing on ledges, balconies, etc. or cutting through shrubbery or over walls is never allowed.  Always use sidewalks or provided walkways. 

  • Always observe all safety precautions.  You must be adhere to ALL Disneyland Rules. Any infractions of their rules may be handled by their security which may include being detained in the security office and/or having your parents called to come and pick you up.  There may be additional consequences imposed at school as well.


Schedule for Disneyland, December 9, 2017

This is a Sample schedule. Times and activities may change. Mr. Kirby will hand out the official information in class.

3:50am          Chaperone Parents arrive for to get Paperwork and a brief overview.

4:00am          Students arrive at Paulding Middle School Band Room

4:10              Report to Chaperones for attendance.  Load Bus.  DO NOT GET ON THE BUS UNTIL YOU HAVE CHECKED IN WITH YOUR CHAPERONE.

                       PLEASE USE THE REST ROOM before the bus leaves!!!

4:15am          Bus leaves for the Disneyland

                       Electronics are fine for the bus, however they need to be turned off for the workshop.

8:15ish -        Arrive at Disneyland

8:30am          Mr. Kirby picks up Park Tickets and will distribute to Chaperones.  Chaperones will hand out to each individual in their group.

8:45              Parent Chaperone Meeting (Before Tickets are handed out!)

9:00              Park Opens. Chaperones will stay with group for first hour!

9:30              LAST CALL for any ride with a wait time of 30 minutes or less.  DO NOT get on any rides with a longer wait time!!!!!  I GOT STUCK on a ride IS

NOT an excuse for being LATE!

9:45am         Head to the meeting place arrive by 10:00am Toonland (Near the Castle)

10:00 -          Meet with Disneyland Representative.  GO TO Disneyland Workshop.

12:00            Disneyland Workshop.

12:00pm        Disneyland Workshop ENDS, Photo session (Quick)

12:30pm        Free Time in the Disneyland Main Park until 4:30pm

2:00pm          VISUAL Check In #1 with your chaperone, Location TBD by your group and chaperone.  Chaperones please call or text me by 2:15

4:15pm          LAST CALL for rides.  DO NOT get on any rides with wait times of more than 30 minutes

4:45pm          VISUAL Check In #2 Report to Chaperone for attendance and ALL Students head to main Disneyland Entrance in front of Train Depot.  ALL Walk

 over to California Adventure. STAY WITH YOUR GROUP ON WALK OVER!!!!!!!

5:00pm          Free Time in California Adventure until 9:30pm.

7:00pm          VISUAL Check In #3 with your chaperone, Location TBD by your group and chaperone.  Chaperones please call or text me by 8:15pm

9:15               LAST CALL for rides.  DO NOT get on any rides with wait times of more than 45 minutes.

9:45               Begin heading to Entrance of California Adventure park.

10:00             FINAL VISUAL Check In #4   PLEASE USE THE REST ROOM before 10:15 !!!!!!!! And you may not LEAVE your chaperone after this time. (10:15pm)

10:15            Head to Bus area. Chaperones take Final attendance before loading bus. 

10:30pm        Leave Disneyland L

                       I will have you call home when we are about 20 minutes away from Paulding.

2:00am          Arrive at Paulding

                     Unload bus Go Home!  CLEAN UP YOUR TRASH on the BUS!


Chaperone Station:  There will be NO chaperone station this year at Disneyland or Ca. Adventure.  Please contact Mr. Kirby or your chaperone if there is an emergency.




Downloadable Documents and Information






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