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Green and Gold Discount Card Fundraiser

I’m excited to announce our Fall Fundraising Event, the Green & Gold Discount Cards.  I want to emphasize how unique and beneficial this fundraiser is to our group because it not only allows us to collect 100% of all proceeds but supports local businesses with a very low cost to produce.


Our primary purpose for this fundraiser is to help raise funds to cover our operating expenses to ensure that you have a high quality program that makes music a fun and rewarding experience.  Just some of these expenses include: Music, Supplies, transportation, equipment, uniform repair and cleaning, etc.  This cost per student is $100.  Your portion of the operating costs must be met before the cost of trips.  This year for Disneyland, $50 or ½ of this total cost must be met. 

Additionally we need to start saving for our Music Fun trips.  The cost per student for each trip will be estimated at $115 – for Magic Mountain/Great America competition and $195 for Disneyland workshop depending on how many go.  Therefore,

The total amount you’ll need to fundraise or donate this year is:

for both trips   :    $410  (sell 41 cards)

Disneyland Only:   $310 (sell 31 cards)

Competition Only:  $215 (sell 22 cards)


Some students and families may wish to not fundraise.  In this case then the family may choose to make a straight donation to the band program in the amount to cover their portion of the expenses.


You will also have the following Incentives:

Sell the following and get …

 5 cards = Free Practice Log

10 cards = 100% Grade No Matter What! (Includes playing tests)

15 cards = Ice cream Party

20 cards = Pizza Party

25 cards = 2nd Free Practice Log or 100% Grade No Matter What!

30 cards = $5 cash back!

35 cards = No Practice Logs for a whole quarter!

40 cards = $15 cash to spend at any of the fun parks

Also the Section that sells the Highest Average cards will win Lunch of their choice. (Ie. In and Out, Subway)

And the Highest Card seller will win $50


Turn In Dates

PLEASE turn in any Fundraising money or left over cards (if you are finish selling) on the following dates:

Turn In #1  -  Friday, October 2nd

Turn In #2  -  Friday, October 9th

Turn In #3  -  Friday, October 16 (LAST DAY! PLEASE TURN IN ALL left over cards by this date!)


When turning in the fundraiser PLEASE complete the TURN IN envelope, COUNT all money and/or cards for accuracy.  ALL CHECKS payable to: Paulding Band.  I will not accept any without this envelope.

Also note if you are able to write 1 check for any cash, this would be the preferred and most secure method!


Hope you enjoy this fundraiser and GO SELL!

 - Mr. Kirby                                                                                    Questions?    Contact:, (619) 847 - 1592

Did you lose the TURN IN envelope or need another one?

Use the link below to print out another Envelope.  (THIS IS FORMATED for a standard letter size envelope)

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