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Classroom Procedures

Band Room Procedures


Entering the Room

  1. Enter the room orderly and with minimal talking.  

  2. Dispose of all food and other items that could cause you to choke when taking a deep breath while playing your instrument, before you enter.

  3. Leave your troubles at the door and enter with a smile on your face.


Set up (2 minutes or less) GOAL: Get to your seat as quickly as possible

  1. You need to be in your seat within 1 minute after the tardy bell has rung.

  2. Place Backpacks out of the way.

  3. Grab your chair and music stand and place them in the appropriate area that you will be for class.

  4. Get your instrument and materials out for class.

  5. Go to your seat with ONLY your classroom materials.  (Instrument, music/book, music folder/binder, pencil and water bottle)

  6. Please place your empty case back into the locker.  Do not leave your instrument case by your seat or on the floor by the locker.  Clarinets and flutes may place their cases beneath their seat.

  7. Put all other materials not involving band class away. (Ie. Cell phones, ipods, games, books, etc.)  Those items will be confiscated if they are used during class time after 1 warning and then they will be turned in to the office.

  8. Once you have ALL your materials at your seat, adjust your music stand appropriately, look at the board to note the daily agenda and organize your music in that order.

  9. Do NOT start playing until you are ALL set up.  Don’t forget to do the following:

    1. Look over your instrument to make sure that it is in good working order.  Look for any lose screws, springs or gadgets that may be out of place.  Try and fix it yourself.  You may borrow a screwdriver from the director with permission.

    2. Woodwind players may get reeds only during this time and brass players should oil their valves and/or grease slides as needed.

    3. Look over your music visually.

    4. Questions and/or concerns not pertaining to the specific class should be asked before or after class.

  1. Percussion students, look at the board for the daily agenda and begin setting up the percussion section for all songs and activities for the day. DO NOT play until this is done!  Percussion may not play instruments into the start of pieces with the exception of Mallet instruments for warmup.


Warm-up/Technique Development (5 minutes)

  1. Once the director has ascended onto or in front of the podium ALL playing and/or talking MUST stop immediately.

  2. Bring your instrument and body into playing position when the director has raised the baton or his arms.

  3. Be sure to look at the board to note the order of the warm-up and technique exercises.

  4. It may help to memorize those exercises in order to watch the director.


During Instruction/rehearsal GOAL: Play as much as possible

  1. Play, sing or talk ONLY when the director asks.

  2. Play only the selected passages and always be aware of where we are.  (There are many times when we will start in middle of a piece)

  3. Practice looking up at the director and always be prepared to stop.

  4. When the director works with another section, wait quietly and look over you own music.

  5. It is NOT okay to play or talk during this time.

  6. For the most part you MUST remain seated and/or stay in your section at all times UNLESS given direct permission by the director. See rule #1 below


Being Excused

  1. You must remain in your seat at all times.  If you need to leave your seat for any reason, please raise your hand and asked to be excused.

  2. Because band is also a cooperative group activity, it interferes with the learning and accomplishments of the entire group when students are out of their seats or out of the room.  Therefore, music students need to limit their time out of their seats.  Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to class to eliminate the need to leave the room for a drink.

  3. Students that are excessively excused for non-important reasons may lose points on their participation grade.


Using the Bathroom

  1. Please raise your hand using crossed fingers to be excused.

  2. Make sure your instrument is secured or in a safe place.

  3. Take the bathroom pass with you.

  4. Return in a timely manner, take your instrument and return quickly and quietly back to your seat.

  5. I’m not going to keep track but excessive abuse of this privilege may result in losing the privilege.


Packing up GOAL: Leave the room cleaner than it was!

  1. Wait until the director has indicated for you to begin packing up.  Quickly and carefully put away your instrument, materials.

  2. Put your chair and music stand away.  Stack chairs 5 high along the sides of the band room.

  3. Grab your backpack and materials after you have put your chair and stand away.

  4. Percussion students should clean and straighten their section.  Cover any instruments that need to be covered and return all percussion materials back to the drawers.

  5. DO NOT LEAVE the room until the director has dismissed you to go. (Even if the bell has already rung)

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