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The Clarinet is also a small band instrument,  easy to carry around and hold.  The hardest part at the beginning is to set it up.  Clarinets are pretty easy to blow into however do require a significant amount of finger dexterity (ability to move your fingers) to play. The Clarinet is an easy instrument to start on however it gets much harder once you have mastered the basics.  Consider how well you are at memorizing fingering and how well you are able to control your fingers if you choose to play this instrument.



All about the CLARINET

Clarinet Basics

How to put the Clarinet together

How hold the Clarinet

Clean and Care your Clarinet

How to make a sound.

Placing Fingers on the instrument and keys.

  1. With the Clarinet mouthpiece pointing to the ceiling and the open hole side (key side) pointed away from you, gently grab the top part of the instrument (near the keys) with your left hand.  Your left thumb should be closest to you.

  2. With your right hand, gently grab the bottom portion of the instrument so that your thumb is also closest to you and gently resting underneath the thumb rest.  Your left hand thumb will be mostly holding the instrument.

  3. Now with your left hand fingers, start with the very top open hole key and place your fingers on each of the open holes using your index finger first, then middle, then ring fingers.  Do NOT use your pinky yet.  It will eventually play ALL of the silver keys that near it.

  4. Now with the right hand fingers, also place your fingers in order going down the open holes keys; index finger, then middle, then ring.  You will also NOT use your right hand pinky yet.  Evetually it will also play ALL of the silver keys near it.

  5. Once fingers are in place swing the bell out slightly away from you so that there is a slight slant to the instrument as you play

Lesson Videos

First Note (page 5 in your band Book)

Still Under Construction

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