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Pismo Beach Band Review 2015

Saturday, November 7, 2015

8am - 10am

This is our biggest marching event of the year and the most important.  We will be critiqued on our musical and marching elements and will be competing against middle schools from across California.  Please read through the detailed information.

Parade Meeting area:  Addie Street and Park Street Parking Lot

Time: 8:00 am!!!!

Parade Disbanding: Dolliver and Pismo Street ~ 9:10am


I HIGHLY encourage you to stay longer after we have finished to watch some of the other groups.  Extra credit practice log coupons for those students who stay until at least 10:30am.


Meeting area

Disbanding and Pickup area








The Band Review is open to all High School and Jr. High School Marching Bands. It is on a first come, first serve basis. Bands will be placed in classes by school size. All members of the band must be registered at the participating school.
Non – Registered Students DISQUALIFICATION



Check-in time is a minimum 60 minutes before step-off time. To save time and confusion only Band Director and/or the Drum Major may check-in for the band. Please allow enough time to walk your band from the Premium Outlets parking lot to the staging area (Addie Street Parking Lot). (Please see the enclosed map outlining the parking and area layout to assist you in getting the appropriate areas at your scheduled times.) VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: All buses must enter the Premium Outlets through the marked entrance only.



You will be released from the parking area (Premium Outlets) to the staging area (Addie Street) approximately 60 minutes before your step-off time. Your step-off time could be advanced if earlier divisions have no-shows or cancellations. Your arrival to the staging area should be a minimum of 30 minutes prior to your step-off time.
Delay of Parade/Not Following Instructions 2 Point Penalty



The Practice area is on Cypress Street at the beginning of the parade.
The warm-up area on Cypress Street will be the same dimensions as the competition area. The drum majors salute area is also marked out. If the parade stacks up ahead of you please wait until the band in front of you moves out of the warm-up area.



The silent area is before the competition area as your band turns on to Dolliver Street. As the first rank and the band proper (all playing musicians) passes the beginning of the silent area, the band must have stopped playing and drums section must go on “rims”. Deductions will be given for bands who interfere with the band that is in the competition area. The silent area sign will be on the right hand side of the street. One to five points will be deducted for playing in the silent area.
Playing in Silent Zone 5 Point Penalty



The competition is 450 feet long and 57 feet wide. The reviewing stand is 250 feet on the right. A line will extend halfway into the street from the right side at the 250-foot mark, this is the Drum Major Salute Line.



The first rank of the band proper must halt on the starting line. The drum major and auxiliary units may start in the competition area or behind the starting line. The drum major and auxiliaries are considered in competition when they cross the start line.



The step-off signal will be given by the starter only. The drum major must have the band in motion within 30 seconds of the starter’s signal. One point deduction will be issued for every 15 seconds or fraction thereof for failure to begin performance on time. One to five
point deduction for beginning performance before the starter tells you to do so. The band may only play an 8 Count Standing Fanfare or Drum Roll Off. They must be moving forward after this Fanfare and/or Roll Off.
Entering Competition Zone Early 5 Point Penalty
Not Starting Competition Music On Time 1 Point Penalty
More than 8 Counts of Standing Fanfare/Roll-Off 1 Point Penalty



The drum major must extend military courtesy to the reviewing officer and the judges. There will be a white line extended across the street on the right at the 250 foot mark for the use of the drum major. Disqualification for the drum major for failure to salute.
Failure to Salute Drum Major Disqualification



There is no required music list. Two scores are required. Music may be changed up until October 27th, 2014. THERE WILL BE A FIVE POINT DEDUCTION FOR NOT SUBMITTING TWO SCORES PRIOR TO THE REVIEW. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. We will not be responsible for changes in the music after that time. The music must be “of musical worth”. Bands may not play the SAME MUSIC for three years.
Three Year Repeated Music Rule 5 Point Penalty
It Music must be played through without repeats. The purpose of this rule is so that the judges can hear the music completely through at least one time. Then you can use a D.C. or D.S. to continue playing until you leave the competition area. The band must start playing Music Before Last Rank Crosses “Begin Competition Line”. The band has a total of 2 minutes and 30 seconds to move through the competition zone. The timing is done from when the Front Rank steps
forward to when the Front Rank crosses the End Competition Line.


No Conductor Scores (3 Point Penalty for 1 score) 5 Point Penalty
Use of Repeats (must play 2nd endings) 1 Point Penalty
Not Playing Continuously in Competition Zone 1 Point Penalty
Overtime in Competition Zone (more than 2:30) 1 Point Penalty



Attached units may be placed anywhere the Director feels will enhance the band’s performance. Do not use anything that may cause danger to the audience. DISLPLAY of AMERICAN FLAG Rule: Any use of the American Flag must be done with proper honor guard according to the rules of the American Legion.
Improper Display of the American Flag Disqualification



Immediately following the last note of the music, the band will go on “rims”. Please disband before the next unit enters the disbanding area.
Violation of Prohibited Activities 5 Point Penalty



WE GO RAIN OR SHINE. If there is rain the band may march without uniforms with no loss of points.

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